Questions re installing QW2015 on Win10

I am currently running QW 2015 Premier on a Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit machine. There are no internet interfaces. All input is manual data entry. The data files include over 25 years of banking, credit card and investment transactions. Like many others, I now need to install and run QW2015 and other programs in a Win10 environment. To that end I have ordered a new Win10 Pro, 64 bit PC that has both a 256 Gb SSD drive and a 1Tb spinning HDD.

I am a computer novice as you shall soon learn, but I have studied the posts here and believe I should take the following steps to install QW2015 Premier on my new PC. PLEASE let me know whether y’all believe this will work or not.

1. From the old PC, copy the latest manual QDF Backup file to a USB thumb drive. Print the QW2015 Account List for later verification.

2. As the install is to a new PC, there should be no need to go through the horrendous Uninstall/Reinstall process to cleanse the PC of Quicken bits and pieces. As part of the overall migration, no program files will be moved to the new PC and data files copied to the new PC will not include any Quicken-related files.

3. Disable the internet connection to prevent QW2015 from searching for updates during install.

4. Install QW2015 Premier on the new PC from the original program CD, which I have. QUESTION: Should I install to the SSD, the HDD or to the Quicken default location, whatever that may be? Although SSD is preferable, I don’t really care about location as long as it works. I believe the QW2015 program and the QData file must be resident on the same drive. QUESTION: Are there any Win10 settings that may interfere with the install and should be changed?

5. Assuming it installs properly, do not start, instead uncheck the “launch now” box and close QW2015.

6. Copy Mondo Patch 17.4. to the new PC. I downloaded the Patch to the old PC and then copied that Patch file to a USB drive. QUESTION: Instead of downloading from the internet again, can I copy the Patch from the USB drive to the appropriate new PC drive (see 4 above)? I know I cannot run the Patch from the USB drive. I can download again if y’all think it is better to do so.

7. Run the Mondo Patch on the new PC.

8. Reconnect to the internet. If the consensus is to download the Patch again, obviously I will have reconnected to the internet before the download.

9. Open Quicken and pray.

10. Complete the install process. Once installed, check the Version number using Help in the toolbar. It should be R17.4.

11. If all is good, in QW2015 Restore, not copy, the most recent manual QDF Backup file, from the USB drive created in step 1. Pray again.

12. Check that the install was accurate and complete by comparing the number of transactions and ending balance of each account on the Account List to the print of the Account List created in step 1.

13. If OK, thank God and thank the good people who have contributed to this Community.

Thanks to all of you for helping me get through this.

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  • Sherlock
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    You may download the Mondo patch and copy the data file backups to the new PC in advance of the install.

    I suggest you allow Quicken to install in the default location (typically, C:\Program Files (x86)).

    The data file should be restored to a folder on a local disk drive that will not be accessed by other processes while Quicken is accessing the file.   This means the folder should not be maintained by OneDrive (DropBox, Google Drive, etc).   Typically, the Quicken folder in the user's Documents folder is used.  I suggest using short (8.3) names (for example, QData.QDF).  

    The main gotcha with Windows 10 is the controlled folder access feature of Windows Defender.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:
  • sfiloromo
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    Hey Sherlock- Thanks for the tips, especially as to the timing of downloading the Mondo Patch and copying the data files. The sequence and timing issues had me confused for awhile. I'm sure you meant to only download the Patch and then run it after the install from the CD. I would never use dropbox, One drive, etc. so that is not a worry. I will check up on thr Defender issue. Thanks again
  • Sherlock
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    sfiloromo said:
    I'm sure you meant to only download the Patch and then run it after the install from the CD.
  • sfiloromo
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    I was planning to disable Defender anyway and rely on McAfee (have current subscription) until I find something better, Controlled Folder then should not be a problem. I will turn off Focus Assist. Firefox is set to block all internet notifications, so it will only be system notifications coming through, I hope. If they become a problem, I will adjust after the install.
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