Lost transactions

I have transactions only for January and February 2019. I entered transactions through December 31. How to I get those back?


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    All accounts?  Or only some?  If some, try clicking the RESET button at the top of each of those account registers.
    Also, in those registers, which COLUMN header in those accounts has a Triangle adjacent to the Column name?  Which direction is that Triangle pointing?  Normally, you'd want it pointed UP, so that the newest transactions are at the bottom of the Account Register.
    If ALL, did you recently restore from a backup?  Perhaps, did you select a backup that was from last February (or thereabouts)?

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    This was posted as a Mac question, so the response above is directionally correct, but the details are a little different.

    The norm in Quicken Mac is to list transactions in descending order (most recent on top), although users can flip this if they wish by clicking on the Date heading.

    Next, make sure you don't have something like this in your filters above the column headings:

    If the filter is set to "this year", it would naturally exclude showing anything from last year. Clicking the Clear Filters button will set it to show all transactions.

    But that doesn't sound like the problem here, if you are seeing no transactions past February 2019. The more likely issue is that you opened an old version of your data file instead of the most recent one. I'd suggest going to File > Open Recent and seeing if there is a different data file there which might be your actual current data file. Alternatively, you can go to the folder where your Quicken data file(s) are stored. (If you haven't reassigned the location, you get there by holding down the Option ket in the Finder and selecting Library from the Go menu; then open the Application Support folder, and the Quicken folder inside that, and the Documents folder inside that.)
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