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  • Rene Ostrea
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    More and more employers are providing "employer paid benefits" the last few years and I am surprised that Intuit had not solved for this yet.

    I think Intuit should categorize "employer paid benefits" as an major enhancement to elegantly handle this in the paycheck setup and tax reporting features of Quicken so that we (the users) do not have to create an off-setting transaction which is a smart work around as suggested by J_Mike .

    These "employer paid benefits" shows up in the W2 at the end of the year as taxable income but it does show up on the monthly paystub. Ideally, Quicken will just have a section in the paycheck setup wizard called...wait for it. "Employer Paid Benefits" that is then mapped to an appropriate Tax Line item in the W2 Box 12.
  • Sherlock
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    For the record, Intuit sold Quicken almost four years ago.
  • NotACPA
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    You show these benefits as  Income in the paycheck transactions, offset by a equal amount Deduction ... thus resulting in no change to your net pay.
    Be sure to assign appropriate tax lines to any categories that you create for this income.
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