Successfully using QWIN with CrossOver 19 on MacOS 10.15.2

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CrossOver Ver 19 works with Quicken Windows 2020 R 24.11. I've been using it the past couple of weeks with no usability issues. Ver 19 is now officially compatible with MacOS Catalina 10.15.

I came back to Quicken from YNAB. Since I primarily use a Mac, I got the QMAC 2020 Subscription version and was disappointed that the QWIN Budgeting Features (Rollover!) aren't in the QMAC version yet. Since I'm on subscription, I downloaded QWIN and installed a trial of [removed]. I will say, it all works great...OneStep Updates, QuickenCloud, Check for Updates, etc.

I use my active file in OneDrive so I can access QWIN from my Mac or WinPC as well as back it up to the cloud. Just a couple of minor issues with screen resolution but tweaked it with QWIN Preferences settings. I use the Quicken iOS app and everything works/syncs well with it too. Entries from both apps update each other like the native environment, so this is best solution for me. Just remember to click Quicken Cloud Sync when you're almost done so all your info is ready for the mobile app.

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