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How do I change a transfer from my investment account to my ck account to not be a tax line item. Looks like I can’t edit a transfer account. True? Then how to classify for a tax report?

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  • pljewkes
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    What is taxable in these transactions is the income in the investment account not each monthly transfer.
  • splasher
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    Right click on the account's name in the Account Bar and select "edit".
    Then see screenshot:

    This is where you control which category is applied to investment transfers, in and out
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    We are also to manually set or clear the tax line item assigned of a transfer entry in a non-investment register by right-clicking on a transaction (or selecting Edit on a split entry) and selecting Tax line item assignments.
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    Thanks very much all!! I’ve been using Quicken for over twenty years and I still don’t know everything about it! I’ve got it pretty well tamed but I forgot how to control the tax attributes.
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