Export Investment Lots with Transaction Date & Cost Basis to Setup a New Qdata File

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I have several investment accounts for my children in Quicken while they were minor. They are about to be on their own and I would like to move (transfer) their investment accounts (investment lots with date & cost basis) and setup a new Qdata file for them to manage.

I know how to remove (reduce) investment from my Qdata file. I need help with transferring investment lots with transaction date and it's respective cost basis, into a new Qdata file.

Please don't suggest hand-keying (Add) individual investment lot into a new Qdata file - there are several thousands of them. Preferably an export and import process.

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  • NotACPA
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    Create a new Q data file for each child by:
    1) FILE, "Save a copy as".and give it a unique name
    2) using that file, simply delete all of the other accounts in it
    3) copy THAT file to the child's name.
    4) repeat step 3 for each child

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    I can think of two approaches:
    1. Use a copy of the data file and strip all the accounts and data you do not want to share.
    2. Export the investment accounts as QIF files and import them into a new data file.
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    Thank you @NotACPA and @Sherlock for you suggestions.

    I have tried exporting using QIF file. After the import process, there is no investment transaction imported. Here is a cut and paste from Quicken FAQ's - "QIF import isn't available for checking, savings, or credit card accounts, or for 401(k) or any other brokerage accounts, although some financial institutions offer price history download via QIF."

    Thanks to both of you for the suggestion of stripping unwanted accounts. Very creative! Going this route will require to make cash balance adjustment to the account(s) and delete cash transfer transactions, etc (This may require massive cleanup / adjustments to keep the integrity of the account - 20+ years of data). Looks like this may be the only best available and kludgy approach.

    I was hoping there is a simpler process such as exporting of transactions into a file (for example txt), then import into investment account as "add share" with the correct date and cost basis.

    I believe Quicken allows import of investment transaction from QFX file, I wonder if there is any program out there that can convert CSV file into QFX. I can create CSV file with Portfolio Report.

    Any other thoughts?
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