Investing - Withdrawal Transaction - Copy & Paste Transaction Is Broken

A repost of a similar question that has not been resolved....

I have a stock that pays a monthly dividend. I can enter a DIV transaction using "Copy Transaction" and "Paste Transaction" to record the income earned from the transfer agent.

When I attempt to record the WITHDRAWAL transaction (disbursement of the dividend monies from my brokerage account), the "Copy Transaction" seems to work, but the "Past Transaction" is grayed out and unavailable as a choice. The WITHDRAWAL transaction does have 3 split transactions that I am trying to record at the same time:. Split Transaction #1 - Dividend Cash Movement to my Checking Account, Split Transaction #2 - Federal Tax Withholding Amount for the dividend, and Split Transaction #3 - Wire Fee for the Dividend Cash Movement to my Checking Account.

This problem has been broken for a number of years. My workaround is to create a new WITHDRAWAL transaction every month from scratch. It seems if Quicken wasn't going to allow a copy and paste transaction for WITHDRAWALS in the Investing Function, it would be grayed out in the Copy Transaction and prevent a user from trying to use it to begin


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    I see you prior post (same topic) from 2018.  You also cite this as a problem "for several years".  I am still using QW2017 and I don't see that problem.  I can copy and paste a withdrawal transactions with a three line split within a standard brokerage investment account.  

    What Quicken version are you using? 

    Have you tried the "Write Check" or "XOut" actions as alternatives?  Could this be a retirement account (where the expense items might be - but shouldn't be - problematic?  Have you tried a single category paste?
  • Version R24.11 Build

    I've got same split transaction as you. I have a wire fee, Fed Withholding tax, and deposit to my bank account. I have memorized the transaction and set a reminder, but nothing works.

    All i want is to copy the transaction, change the date and store the transaction in the register. But I have to create a new one every time.
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    HOW (what keystroke) are you using to copy the transaction?  What keystroke to paste?
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  • Right click, copy transaction the Withdrawal transaction
    New register line.
    Paste Transaction is greyed out. No option to click the Paste Transition.
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    What COPY command are you using?  Q's?  Or Window's?
    And, at EDIT, Preferences, Setup ... which Keyboard Mapping option are you using?
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  • As i said implied above, I right click on my most recent Withdrawal Transaction and select "Copy Transaction" from the popup function list.
    I drop down to an empty register line and right click again and try to select "Paste Transaction" but it is greyed out. There is no choice to paste.
  • Version R24.11 Build
  • BYW you have to right click on the SECURITY field name to either the COPY or PASTE Transaction to work for for any transaction that you are trying to use!
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    If you select the security name so it is highlighted then right-click and select Copy, you are copying just the security name.

    If you want to copy the transaction, select the transaction so that the date field is highlighted, then move to a different field and right-click and you should see the choice "Copy Transaction" Click on that, select a blank line in the transaction list, right-click and click "Paste transaction" and you should see the dialog for that transaction.

    Or you can select a transaction and go to Edit > Transaction > Copy Transaction, then move to a blank and Edit > Transaction > Paste transaction.

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  • The PASTE TRANSACTION is greyed out and in not available for the WITHDRAWAL TRANSACTION! I've tried everything you stated in your post and the PASTE TRANSACTION is not available to click on for the WITHDRAWAL TRANSACTION I also use a DIV TRANSACTION to record the income every month and the COPY and PASTE works for that transaction. It simply doesn't work for the WITHDRAWAL TRANSACTION.
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