Quicken (web) not bringing in all account transactions

This software does not bring in all my transactions, mostly on Bank of America accounts, which should be the accounts that work the best. (Quicken and BoA are linked?)

It usually doesn't bring in a payment on a credit card when two payments are logged in the same day, either on the same credit card or on different accounts, especially if it was for the same amount. Sometimes there is only one payment or transfer, but it just doesn't show.

It's not because they are pending, I have waited days to make sure it has cleared. I have one payment show up for $1000 for one credit card, but the other $1000 payment made that day on a different card for the same amount is non-existent, on either account (my checking nor the credit card that was paid).

It's extremely annoying, my balance is almost never correct. If a payment to a credit card is not missing, it's a transfer that's missing.

I am using the web-based version, but apparently it does not work. Everything should be brought in when I update.

I know I can add the transaction manually, but I don't WANT to! I bought this to help gather my accounts in one place. What's the point if I have to keep adding my own transactions? The only way to get the transactions to show up is to remove and re-activate the account. But then all the category changes I made previously go back to the default.

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  • jacknife76
    When I do enter it manually, I get an error when I sync:
    'the desktop transaction in "xxx account" on "1/20/2020" for "($50.00)" was not synced. Illegal Operation {0}'
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