If I have Quicken for Mac Subscription Version, am I entitled to Quicken for Windows?

I currently have Quicken Subscription v5.14 for Mac. If I were to convert Quicken to the Windows version, does my subscription entitle me to the Windows version or would I need to buy another subscription?
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  • David Green
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    Thank you. I understand the differences in the data files. I am going to be replacing my Macbook and am considering a Windows 10 PC for budget reasons.
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  • J_Mike
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    You indicted that your plan is to convert from QMac to QWin.
    This conversion only partially works - "partially" is generous!!

    Investment accounts do not convert at all.
    In non investment accounts, Transfers do not convert. Both sides of a Transfer are present but they are not linked.

    The conversion from QWin to QMac does work reasonably well.
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