How do I create a Report for the year of 2019 with Individual Trans details & the Category Totals?

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I've used Quicken Deluxe (Version R24.14) for several years & had multiple reports, but I must have clicked on something accidentally this year, because any prior report that I pull up (and try to update & view for year 2019) will only show the totals, no individual dates or transaction details. I can't figure out what is causing this and/or how to fix it. And, I can not seem to be able to create a new correct report, either. Please Help or tell me Where/How to get this help. Thanks, David McGee [phone number removed for your safety]

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    I suspect that you Q product is so old that it doesn't have 2019 included as one of the dropdown dates.
    Nevertheless, you can use custom dates and simply select 1/1/2019 thru 12/31/2019.

    And, I removed your phone number.  This is a public forum, and such displays are subject to harvesting by scammers and other ne'erdowells.
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    If you haven't already, I suggest you open the report, press Alt + C, uncheck Totals only, and select OK

    What happens when you to create a new report?

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    Totals only was not checked ...
  • david34
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    david34 to NotACPA ... My Quicken Deluxe is a subscription version, last updated on December 5th 2019, so it is the 2020 version.

    I have not had any problem in getting the reports to accept the 2019 date ... The reports only show the Category totals, no individual transaction dates or amounts.
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    Thanks, that did it!
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