How do I restore or re-direct Quicken to use the original default location for my data file

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    This is an interesting thread. I JUST had a Quicken Data File corruption occur where i found that my Q data was LOST and all that was left behind were my ACCOUNTS in the left panel BUT ALL Of the transaction data, going back over 20 years, was EMPTY (meaning, ZERO BALANCES). I nearly had a heart attack. So, I kept TRYING to validate the most recent file and it popped up errors.

    Finally, yesterday afternoon, I found an OLD Data file, several weeks old and missing nearly 50 transactions, and restored it and validated it and it worked with the "SUPERVALIDATION" function. HOWEVER, I now have another issue and I found your note and will use YOUR way to validate regularly from now on.

    My new issue is this: I cut and pasted the OLD backed-up QDF data file to my desktop and then validated it THERE. HOW do I restore or RE-DIRECT Quicken to use the ORIGINAL DEFAULT LOCATION for my DATA FILE because I simply want it the way it was. That location is located under c:\users\documents\quicken (close to that) and then I can go back to "normal."

    Thanks for any input from the Community.

    DJ, 7 Feb 2020, 5:15am Lisbon, Portugal
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