Mutual Funds Updating Share Prices even though I have not preformed a OSU

At the End of the Year...12/31...I use the YEAR END COPY option under the File Menu to create a Last year Data File, and to create a New year data file.

I have never opened the Last Year Data file to look up Transactions but I have NEVER performed a OSU with the Last Year Data File.

The issue, I have a Mutual Fund Register...the Register under HOLDINGS has 7 Individual Mutual Fund Investments. The Mutual Investments in this last year Data File, never connected using OSU...their share prices are Updating. Has is this even Possible?????

Granted, both the Last year and the New year Data file have the same mutual File Register with the same individual 7 Mutual Funds. I connect of course with the New Year Data File daily which of course updates the share prices of the 7 Mutual Investments daily. But since I have never connected with the Last year data File...I am stumped....


  • Jim_Harman
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    Is the Auto update share prices every 15 minutes selected? 
    QWin Premier subscription
  • denmarfl
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    This is a new one for me, never knew any such setting was available; where is that setting? Using Quicken deluxe subscription version....
  • Sherlock
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    denmarfl said:
    This is a new one for me, never knew any such setting was available; where is that setting? Using Quicken deluxe subscription version....
    Select Edit > Preferences...

  • q_lurker
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    Auto update is a Premier level option.  Should not be in your Deluxe version.  

    The OSU Update Summary (Tools Menu) should identify the last time quotes were updated through the "Download Quotes" option either as an OSU or otherwise.

    Any chance you have the program set to do a OSU (Download Transactions) upon startup? 

    Granted it perhaps should not be happening, but what's the real issue?  Why are more recent prices a problem?
  • denmarfl
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    Geez....I was getting real wooreied, I went thru every Menu item in Perferences and could not find the Auto Update feature. I was about to Post a picture of my INVESTMENT TRANSACTIONS menu to show, automatically update quotes every 15 Minutes was not in my Menu.

    OSU summary shows last connection 12/31/19..which is correct

    I do not have it set to do a oSU on startup

    Problem with it have a report to show IRA Balances as of 12/31/19 for RMD purposes. I have that report sent to Last year (keep in mind we are referring to a data file that has Transaction from Last year) when I open the report today, the IRA Mutual Funds are chnaging as does the Market making my end of year (12/31/19) IRA Balances chnaging dailey instead of remaining the same balance...which would be 12/13/19.....
  • q_lurker
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    You can go to the security details, Update, Edit Price history and see what data are entered for what dates.  Are those current dates?  Mid January Dates?  1/2/20 dates?  (Your language certainly suggests current dates.)

    You can also delete prices from that listing of prices -- back to 12/31/19 if you choose.

    If your report is set to "Last year" it will not use this years prices.  If the report is set to "Last 12 months", different story.  A portfolio view (different from a report) always opens to the current date but can always be set back to 12/31/19 (as of date).  

    So there are a couple of aspects off base in this story.  Prices updating for no apparent reason -- none of us have seen that (as far as I can tell).  Report for "Last year" using this year prices -- none of us have seen that (as far as I can tell).    
  • denmarfl
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    I went into the Edit Price History....looked at 12/31/19...the Share prices were not the share prices for the Investments on 12/31/19 as supported by the Broker Statement of 12/31/19...and another source...

    I chenged the Shr Prices to the correct 12/31/19 price and the Total Investment now is a Match to the Broker statement as reported to IRS for my required 2020 RMD
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