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change prior reconciliation date/re-do older reconciles?

new to Quicken for Mac 2020, upgraded and changed computers. I reconciled a credit card account once without confusion but now trying second round and have a -$65.34 difference to start (don't know why) and the date on the left window "Quicken balance as of Feb 6" is the same as right window "Statement balance as of Feb 6th" ...shouldn't left window be Jan 6th? to match my paper cc statement? Don't see how to change left side date? Also under cog options there is one: "start fresh: mark transactions before 12/11/19 as cleared"....why that date? it means nothing to me (not cc cycle, not date of upgrade, not date of computer switch...) Do I need to do that? I reconciled 12/6-1/6 without incident - except maybe I inititally entered the wrong date ? Help! I do have a screenshot but don't see how to upload it.

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I always suggest users (and myself) take a break if you run into trouble during reconcile :smile:

    The left pane of the window has the correct date of Feb 6th (which is the statement ending date you entered in the previous dialog.) That "Quicken Balance" is a calculation of all reconciled transactions in your register, +/- any deposits/payments marked as cleared. 

    If everything is correct, this will equal the difference between you statement's ending/starting balance which is displayed on the right.

    The "Start Fresh" option is for users who haven't reconciled in long periods and wish to force reconcile all earlier transactions as cleared. Don't choose it in your situation. (I wouldn't worry about the 12/11/19 date I see it as well-I forget the rationale for how it gets calculated.)

    Note: when you are reconciling, you can always click the back button to verify your dates entered/amounts. You can also close out of the window and come back to reconcile at a later time.

    After taking a break, double check  your calculations and try the reconcile again. If you balanced last month, this shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Good luck!
  • lbutters
    lbutters Member
    John, so grateful for your reply! I am indeed taking a break right now so will try your suggestions when I go back to it with clearer head. Especially curious about your note about using the "back" button. Thank you for your help! :)
  • lbutters
    lbutters Member
    John, quick question - I expected the balance shown to be zero if I reconciled to zero the prior month? Not seeing $0.00, the -$65.34 threw me off......
  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Good question, @lbutters

    Yes, if you previously reconciled to $0, then that should be the starting balance (or Quicken Balance) on the next reconcile assuming nothing else has changed in your register.

    As I noted earlier, that "Quicken Balance" calculated amount is the sum of all reconciled  transactions in the account (since the first transaction). It sounds like something has changed with your older transactions.

    This could be from deleting or modifying an older transaction(s), or by accidentally changing the reconcile status from reconciled to uncleared or cleared. If the latter the case, then the errant transaction should show up in your reconcile window.

    If you deleted a transaction (or modified one), then you will have to determine which. Yes, you will get a warning about tampering with reconciled transaction(s), but it can happen.

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