Transition from Quicken 2017 Deluxe to Quicken Deluxe Subscription

I guess I have to transition from Quicken 2017 to Quicken Deluxe Subscription since 2017 will no longer be support after 30 April. Question: Do I need to uninstall Quicken 2017 before downloading and installing the subscription deluxe. I also assume I can then download the last backup from Quicken 2017 and it will populate the subscription version.

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  • Beijing Mac
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    you can download the current version of Quicken you want (subscription base) and run the install, it will remove the current version of Quicken you have and convert the data file.  FYI, I just did this last month myself, having Quicken RPM 2017.  It is working ok, a few interface differences that I have to pay attention to, but seems to be working ok so far.  
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Just purchase/download/install Quicken Subscription. It will uninstall Quicken 2017 and find your Quicken data file. There is no conversion necessary. Shop around for the best price on Quicken Subscription though as a Quicken 2017 user, I believe you're eligible for Quicken's new user pricing. Just be aware that if you purchase from Quicken, your subscription starts on the day of purchase. Retail purchases start on the day of activation.
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