Totals at bottom, NOT top

How do I adjust the settings on REPORTS so that the total of my items shows up at the BOTTOM of the list, not at the top. Terribly confusing for my tax pro....


  • q_lurker
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    You don't.  

    Quicken went to that model for reports maybe 10 years ago and caught flack for it at the time and ever since.  The raw premise is more in the view of seeing the major line values and then expanding underneath those with the detail sort of 'as needed'.  It is also not universal throughout the program as some reports do still total at the bottom.

    Tell your tax pro to buck up and pay attention. It's not really that confusing.  
  • Tom Young
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    You don't.  Some years ago Quicken began introducing reports with totals at the top, not the bottom.  So now some reports have totals that show up in the place where you expect them to be - at the bottom of a column - and totals that show up at the top of the column.  VERY, VERY confusing.
    (At a guess, this was "outsourced" programming in a part of the world where they expect to see the sum at the top.)
    I complained when I saw this happening but Quicken didn't see fit to change things; go figure!
  • volvogirl
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    I finally got used to it.  I print a report 2 ways.  One with just the category totals and one with the details expanded.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • Jim_Harman
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    I think the logic is that the reports where you can expand and collapse the sections with the plus and minus signs have the totals at the top, where you can still see them when the section below is collapsed. The reports that have fixed sections have the totals at the bottom.

    In some cases you can get similar reports in either style, so you can select the style you prefer.

    The aspect of report formatting that bugs me is when there is a subtotal in the same column with the details, marked only with bold type. This makes it difficult to distinguish between the subtotals and the details and causes problems when you try to use the report data in Excel.
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