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Where to begin? I am a long time personal user of Quicken (my version is Quicken 2003 if that tells you) on my home computer, I do not begin to use it 1/10 of what it's capabilities are BUT I still really love it. My home computer is starting to die and I will still use it but I have just very recently purchased and iPad and oh wow how I like what I see so far, I want to be able to take the information on my home computer and put it on my iPad and do not know how or where to begin. I need help, can anyone guide me?

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  • GeoffG
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    There is no stand alone version of Quicken. You will still need a desktop version. Since you are inclined to manually enter your transactions, I would suggest getting your PC sorted out. Presumably a new Windows 10 PC and then reinstall your version of Quicken. From there you can use remote software to access your PC from anywhere with your iPad and view and update freely. 
  • Billie85
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    I have Window's 10 on my PC, so you're saying I can just upload a new version of Quicken and then use the Quicken app on my IPAD? Now if I enter something on my IPAD will it update my desktop and vice versa?
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    What @GeoffG was suggesting - as an alternative - was to obtain and install a "remote access" App on the iPad that could remotely access your Windows desktop... ala remote control...
    For a normal Quicken solution - You would need to purchase and install a more recent version of Quicken.
    Then you can select which Accounts you would like to Sync to the Quicken Cloud to be viewed by the Quicken Mobile App or Quicken on the Web (browser based).
    The Sync works between the App / Web - and the desktop...

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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