Anyone encounter a file in use error when attaching a file to a transaction?

Trying to attach a pdf file to a transaction in the Quicken Deluxe 2020 desktop app. I just created the file, and get a message telling me that the file is already in use. I stopped all quicken related processes, with no luck. The only solution is to restart my computer. Is there a better solution to this?

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  • NotACPA
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    Is that file, perhaps, being synched to Dropbox or some other online service?
    Is you PDF reader open to that file?
    If you created the PDF file, is that pdf writer still open?

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  • ldigiovine
    Thanks for the response. Those were the first things I thought of too... I even stopped all processes related to Adobe. I am stumped. I suppose it could be an issue with Acrobat and not Quicken, but Quicken is the only app in which I encounter anything like this.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    What is the path to the folder that contains your Quicken data file? Are you using OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Backup?
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  • ldigiovine
    It’s just in a folder on my c drive. I also tried removing the file from my Carbonite backup queue. Restarting has been the only solution I’ve been able to find.
  • ldigiovine
    That did the trick!
    Thanks to all for trouble shooting this for me. I really appreciate the assistance!
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