Why can't I register Quicke[n] 2013?

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I installed Quicken 2013 on my Windows 10 laptop a few days ago. Two or three times when I've start it, after the main Quicken desktop opened, I was greeted with a "please register" dialog. Each time I chose to register, after 10-20 seconds I get a new window titled "Quicken Registration" telling me that it can't establish a connection and to check various things, e.g., try accessing a website directly from a browser, make sure the firewall allows the program to access the Internet, and the like. None of those things seem to be the problem. What's worse is that there seems to be no way to close that new window (the 'X' button in the upper-right corner is disabled) or to get to the Quicken desktop behind it. I have to kill Quicken from the Task Manager.

This raises two questions:
1) Why can't the program establish a connection perform the registration?
2) Why is there apparently no way to close the "registration unsuccessful" window?

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