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Morgan Stanley update returns OL-332-A



  • joetwick
    joetwick Member
    Windows 10 with the latest update broken still. Tried the hacks but still can't get the downloads from Morgan Stanley. Even tried deactivating, but when I try to reactivate just gives me an error and if I click on try again quicken just hangs with a blank error box.
    CAPPY Member ✭✭✭
    Just chatted with Quicken support re OL-332 issue on Mac Platform and they said: "AgentFeb 21, 2020, 10:59am Yes we are working with them to have this issue resolved as soon as possible." Of course the agent reiterated "Quicken 2007 is not supported anymore, so we cannot help with anything regarding that program." (even though it was working fine before this new OL-332 issue)! It is not working in the new Quicken for Mac 2020 version either! UGH I was told to "...bookmark this link https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7869943/new-2-19-20-morgan-stanley-wealth-management-returns-an-ol-332-error." if I wanted to find out when there was a fix... AS USUAL this alert form Natalie moderator, is a day old and ONLY addressed the Windows side.. The suggested steps do not work for the Mac Platform..... Hope Quicken is making progress with MorganStanley!!! FRUSTRATED
    CAPPY Member ✭✭✭
    Just got an update email from Natalie moderator.... 2/21 update at her url - "https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7869943/updated-2-21-20-2-19-20-morgan-stanley-wealth-management-returns-an-ol-332-error#latest"
    Thank you.. it now included acknowledgement of Mac platform too...

    Note for Natalie, moderator....Thank you! Updates are good... But I/we look forward to the fix! You're email stated: "Reply to this email directly or follow the link below..." But when I replied to your email i got the following return back? "Address not found Your message wasn't delivered to [email protected]" That is why I am posting this comment.. Thanks again for your efforts to fix this issue that has been on-going for a week tomorrow.
  • Windows 10, Version R25.10
    I've tried all of the "fixes" that are stated in this thread. Unable to connect with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management since 2/16/2020. Contacted Quicken - collected a couple of log files and gave me a Reference Number. No estimate given for fix. I've given up on trying to update MSWM accounts.
  • Richard237
    Richard237 Member ✭✭
    After several days of Quicken not downloading from Morgan Stanley, Quicken actually worked this morning! I didn't do anything different nor had made any changes to Quicken. Hopefully this issue has been sorted out once and for all.
    CAPPY Member ✭✭✭
    Still not working for me on the Mac platform?
  • Please fix this for the Mac...
  • My Morgan Stanley accounts have been set up and functioning all versions of Quicken for Mac since I started using QfM. Two weeks ago, the software stopped downloading and reports reports that the server cannot be reached. I have deactivated downloading and tried activating but the message remains the same. Any input would be appreciated.
  • Haapy
    Haapy Member ✭✭
    > >Richard237 - I cannot report the same findings.
    > > W10 1909, Q R19.8 - Works for a day, next day not.
  • james Franke
    james Franke Member ✭✭
    Me too. Quicken Premier Mac
  • james Franke
    james Franke Member ✭✭
    Me too. Quicken 2020 Premier Mac
  • marianh
    marianh Member
    Me too. Quicken Mac 2019 Deluxe
  • phmassie
    phmassie Member ✭✭
    I'm sure it is the same root cause but the above fixes seem to be for those who already had a Morgan Stanley Wealth Management account added, working and downloading... then they stopped downloading. I am trying to add an account, so I can't even try the above fixes. Just tried again and same error as I reported before. I'm on a Windows 10 box with Quicken v27.1.25.10.
  • tnsprin
    tnsprin Member ✭✭
    I want to make my results clear. For me and I was one that opened one of the threads that were merged, the rebranding thing reported by EDBOTT never worked on my quicken for windows. No transaction downloaded and always got the OL-322-a or a "Success" message without anything getting downloaded. Since i have some important things going on, I have had to go to MS Online activity and make sure everything in my quicken accounts agree with that.
    LAST SUCCESSFUL UPDATE WAS 2/13 for me. 2/14 failed. reported it on 2/17., but had to wait to Tuesday to talk to someone at Quicken. Not sure what date I got r125.10, but i didn't immediately associate with the failure.
  • I'm having the same problem, and the "fix" won't work for me because my Online Services no longer contains "Morgan Stanley Wealth Management". I can't update the "branding" or whatever that fix is supposed to do. Where do I go from here? I've been unable to update since 2/18. I called Quicken Support, went through similar experiences as previous posters (creating new data file and attempting to set up MSWM, which failed). Was told to "try again in a few hours". Disgusting customer service for a product I've used for 15 years. Where's the damned FIX?
  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Not a fix but the cause is Quicken trying to logon to the MS OFX server using an invalid "anonymous" <USERID>.

    From a failed OSU in the Quicken OFX log-

    <!-- ***** SEND to https://ofx.morganstanleyclientserv.com/ofx/QuickenWinProfile.ofx at 09:15:04 on 20200224 ***** -->


    After a Refresh of Branding and Profile, the failure above is logged again but it is then followed by the submission of the correct USERID; aka, the website login username.

    Reviewing the log entries for all of my other direct connect accounts, Quicken always sends the username associated with the FI website in the <USERID> field.

    So this is definitely a Quicken/Intuit problem as only they control how the username is retrieved and sent to Morgan Stanley for the initial logon.  Morgan Stanley is rejecting an anonymous logon attempt as they rightly should.
  • Markus - thanks for the update. I'm getting similar results - it's always an invalid password type of error, and it's immediate upon connecting to MS. At least it's now narrowed down - wonder if Quicken Support will read your comment anytime soon?
  • Update - checking my password vault, Morgan-Stanley info is not present, likely the reason that Quicken is sending anonymous login credentials. Anyone got any suggestions on how to update/re-create the password vault?
  • Update 2 - I deleted my password vault and attempted to re-create it. Each time I attempted to insert my password for Morgan-Stanley Wealth Management, it refused to save the password. I was able to enter and save passwords for my bank, but not MS. I tried updating transactions for MS without the password vault and entered the correct password - failed again, and checking the log, Quicken once again sent anonymous login credentials. OK Quicken, we have the smoking gun - when can we expect a fix to your software?
  • Same problem here with Quicken For Mac 2020 Version 5.14.3. Can't download transactions from Morgan Stanley. Called MS and they stated it was a Quicken problem not theirs. Reading the comments above seems like they are correct as it is happening across the board with both Windows and various versions of Quicken for Mac. Quicken has confirmed that it is their problem. One user's comments got into the weeds about Quicken using an anonymous User ID when identifying user's accounts to MS Download Server. If that's the problem, why is it taking so damn long to fix the code and make it available to us? Get on the ball quicken.
  • That was me and Markus1957. I've un-installed and re-installed Quicken subscription for Windows, done all of the possible fixes, but Quicken is still sending an anonymous User ID when attempting to download. I'm going to call them and see what they say when presented with the evidence we've discovered.
  • I developed a fully integrated application software system for my business---millions of lines of code. This seems like a real simple fix to me, just to change the read instruction to fill in the correct user ID field. Give a cup of coffee and a donut to a beginning programmer and they should have it fixed in a few minutes. What is taking so long to fix this problem?
  • Agreed - just spoke personally with Quicken Support supervisor who advises they have zeroed in on the incorrect credentials issue (which apparently is affecting a couple of other Financial Institutions) and they hope to have a solution sometime this week. I mentioned that this occurred right around the time of the last Quicken for Windows update and he said their engineers are working on that update to determine where things went wrong. I suspect it may have something to do with the Financial Institutions data file, but it could be something completely different.
  • I hope they also fix the Mac version. The end of this week is the end of the month. I have a ton of transactions to download and many accounts to balance. I hope they fix this simple problem in the next day or two.
    CAPPY Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 2020
    It was working today for Mac Platform ! even on Quicken for Mac 2007 Thanks to who ever solved the problem! Too bad it took so long. Hope it lasts....
  • Working again for me too. :) Lastest Windows version. Thanks!
    God bless you and your precious families - Langston
  • I called my Investment Counsellor at MS and explained my problem and asked him to have someone in management call Quicken and put pressure on them to fix this problem quickly. My experience with computer systems and programming led me to believe that this was a very simple problem that could have been addressed in a few minutes. Anyway, within a half an hour, I got a phone call back from Morgan Stanley telling me the problem was fixed. Coincidentally, I had discovered on my own just a minute or two prior to the call from MS that the fix was completed. I use Quicken For Mac 2020 and am generally satisfied with it especially since Intuit is no longer the owner. Evidently the problem was with the Quicken Download Server software, not the Quicken software that resides on our computers. Hopefully, screw ups like this won't happen again.
  • tnsprin
    tnsprin Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    Note for me it worked this morning Feb 25. Hopefully its fixed and not just a one time thing.

    ps: Note I had reported the Anonymous thing to Quickeen early on but they told me its not something in the client code on our PCs/macs but something on the servers that was causing that. I.e, its not the release 25.10 code causing the problem.
  • james Franke
    james Franke Member ✭✭
    It works for me. How come the ALERT has not been updated?
  • Much to my surprise it was working for me this morning as well. Strange thning, though - after running one-step update, the dialog box remained open and there was a "needs your attention" on my bank download - but didn't show any apparent problems. All my transactions were downloaded, but the "last successful update" on all 4 accounts were blank. Go figure.
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