Morgan Stanley update returns OL-332-A



  • Ben12
    Ben12 Member ✭✭✭
    MS now working for me but I see I am no longer syncing to the cloud. No box to check on one step update. Anyone else have this issue after the fix?
  • Richard237
    Richard237 Member ✭✭
    > @Stephen Tecot said:
    > I called my Investment Counselor at MS and explained my problem and asked him to have someone in management call Quicken and put pressure on them to fix this problem quickly. My experience with computer systems and programming led me to believe that this was a very simple problem that could have been addressed in a few minutes. Anyway, within a half an hour, I got a phone call back from Morgan Stanley telling me the problem was fixed. Coincidentally, I had discovered on my own just a minute or two prior to the call from MS that the fix was completed. I use Quicken For Mac 2020 and am generally satisfied with it especially since Intuit is no longer the owner. Evidently the problem was with the Quicken Download Server software, not the Quicken software that resides on our computers. Hopefully, screw ups like this won't happen again.

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  • davidalevine
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    I see Morgan Stanley is back as a Brokerage account. But my MS account was set up as 401(k) type, and Morgan Stanley doesn't show up as as a brokerage/financial institution there. Any ideas?
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