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I just purchased Quicken 2020. I had it in the past but not exactly sure when. I am wanting to be sure that all my old data is carried over.
As you are probably aware, the conversion instructions are different depending on what my latest version was. In my documents file, I have various backups, it appears, all Quicken QDF data files. They are labelled:
QDATA5, last modified 5/25/2002
QDATA 4, last modified 6/13/2002
QDATA 3, last modified 6/20/2002
QDATA 1 (1), last modified 9/24/2002
QDATA2, last modified 5/29/2007
QDATA1, last modified 4/15/2010
The conversion instructions say to determine the date of the newest version I have, and then follow the instructions. Can I trust that the newest version I have 2010?
(I am REALLY worried about not doing this right and losing all my old data)
thanks in advance for any help


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    You may find the following information useful:
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    I take it that you haven't installed QW2020 yet.  If that's the case, please do HELP, About Quicken and tell us the Q product that's shown there and the BUILD of Quicken.
    And, your backup file names don't tell anyone what Q product created them.  We know, however, from the nomenclature that it was an older version of Q.
    IF, as seems to be the case from last modified dates, you haven't used Q in 10+ years, you might want to consider abandoning those very old backups and starting as if you had never used Q before.

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  • pdxmaven
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    thanks for responses so far.
    Sherlock: I will check into what you advise.
    NotACPA: the problem is that (I hope!) in those very old files are investment information that I need. In terms of my new QW2020, I was part way through the installation, and then stopped as soon as I read about needing to convert my old files. I fear that because the warning didn't occur sooner, I may have already destroyed important information, such as what you are asking for.
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    @pdxmaven:  It appears to me that you had perhaps various editions of Quicken in the 2000s but quit using the program 10 years ago.  Is that correct to the best of your knowledge -- at least in principle if not for actual dates?

    If that is the case, it would seem you are trying to recover data from that last use and either access that data or carry on from that point leaving a gap of about 10 years (perhaps filling in some parts of that gap).  Is that correct?

    If that is the case, it is likely that the QDATA1.QDF (and related files) is you most recent data, though it may not be as complete as your are seeking.  That depends on what your MO was with your data at that time. 

    Depending on what Quicken version you were using that long ago, you may need an intermediate program to make the proper conversion to QW2020, but I would first try opening the QDATA1.QDF file with your new QW2020 program.  I suggest you first copy all those older files to a safe location so that they are recoverable if needed.  Quicken2020 should be making its own copy as it starts a newer file from the old; your copy would be for extra caution.
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