I can't download Quicken for Mac 15.4. I'm running v15.3 and get told I'm current. Help!

I try to update v15.3 and am told I'm current. Trying to use data file last backed up on other computer running v15.4, and get message the I need to update v15.3!!

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    Are you sure you have the version numbers right in your post? It sounds like you may have version 5.14.x that you are trying to update to 5.15.x. Is that possible? In Quicken, click menu Quicken > About Quicken to see the version number:

    If that's the case, then you got caught in the staged release of 5.15. What happens is that they roll out a limited number of copies of the new version (5.15) then stop and wait a while to make sure there are no major glitches. That's why you can't get the 5.15 update right now on the 2nd computer. Version 5.15 makes changes to the structure of the Quicken data file that 5.14 can't read. That's why 5.14 won't open a file that's already been opened in 5.15. However, all is not lost...

    1. On your first computer, find Quicken.app in the top level Applications folder. It should be version 5.15.
    2. Right click on this file and choose Compress "Quicken.app". This will create a file named Quicken.app.zip.
    3. Move this file to the top level Applications folder on the 2nd computer using a thumb drive, Dropbox, or any other means of moving the file.
    4. On the 2nd computer, double click Quicken.app.zip to uncompress it. You will now have 5.15 on the 2nd computer and this will open the file you backed up on the first computer.

    Alternatively, wait a few days until 5.15 is in general release.
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