Using Quicken on the Web to sync with two computers running Quicken

I'm currently using Quicken 2017 for Windows, and will be upgrading soon. In looking at Quicken on the Web, it appears to do two-way sync'ing between desktop and the web.

I'd like to run Quicken desktop on two machines, a desktop and a laptop. Can I in effect use Quicken on the Web to sync between these two machines? I.e., say the machines are machine A and machine B. I make a change to my data file on B, which gets sync'ed to Quicken on the web, which then gets sync'ed to the data file on A. And vice-versa.

Would this work?

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  • Alin
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     i too would like to know the answer here. You would think this would work
  • mikedr
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    I'm thinking that the only thing that would prevent this from working is some sort of artificial limitation on the number of computers you can connect at the same time to Quicken on the Web.
  • mikedr
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    But would it work? I.e., could one successfully set it up and try?
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Who knows? There's too many problems just trying to get Quicken Desktop to sync to the Quicken Cloud without adding a second one. Most SU's (including myself) stay away from the Quicken Cloud.
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  • Ps56k2
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    Interesting question....
    But don't think so - as the Sync has to tag each transaction as to "where" it came from as it gets put into the Quicken Cloud..... So, if a transaction is sent FROM the "desktop world" it would not get downloaded back down to the "desktop world" as that would not make any sense.  Don't forget, the Sync is thinking there is only ONE desktop and has no protocol for handling multiple "desktop" locations - since there is only ONE.
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