In QWD2020, How Do I Get "Projected Balances" to properly work with Mortgages?

Talk about seriously busting my bubble... there I was, happily planning all of my budgets for the next 30 years, making adjustments to incomes for retirements, extra payments to the mortgage and loans to get them paid off quicker, and making transfers into savings accounts for vacations and cars and stuff... all the while thinking I was going to be alright - BECAUSE THE FLIPPIN' PROJECTED BALANCES SAID I WAS GOING TO BE!!

Sadly, the Projected Balances are not taking into proper account the Mortgage P&I. It lists the transaction in the Checking Account that I'm solely projecting, but the math shows that it is not taking out the P&I from the Closing Balance, only the Escrow.

Case in point (This is an excerpt from just one whole day):
10/9/2020 Closing Balance: 5152.64
10/10/2020 Water Bill: -80.00
10/10/2020 Hospital Bill: -69.45
10/10/2020 Mortgage Pmt: -846.39
10/10/2020 Closing Balance 4775.15

The mortgage payment is:
Principal [Loan]: 414.45
Interest: 203.90
[Escrow]: 228.04

So the reality of what's going on here is:
10/9/2020 Closing Balance: 5152.64
10/10/2020 Water Bill: -80.00
10/10/2020 Hospital Bill: -69.45
10/10/2020 Escrow: -228.04
10/10/2020 Closing Balance: 4775.15

Sooooooooo..... How do I get this to properly work? Lemme restate the question: How do I get ALL of QWD2020 to work properly (The mortgage payments and transfers, and the projected balances)?

I'm facing a decision to refinance our mortgage, and until this flaw in math showed its ugly head, I was thinking that all of my future goals were not only 100% attainable, but other wild goals were too! (WOOHOO!! Vacations in the Caymans every year? What! WHAT?!) I'm wanting to project to 2040 and 2050 for long term payment plans and savings goals. I can only project Reminders within the Checking Account registrar for the next year.

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    I suspect the loan's payment reminder has been corrupted.  One way to correct the loan's payment reminder is to recreate the loan account.  I suggest following the guidance provided in:
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