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Constantly requested to enter Quicken ID and password and patch Quicken. [Edited]

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Formerly: Lately Quicken Upgrade too Slow, Large, and Cumbersome

Sorry, but the title to this problem is not good.

On March 2 and then today, the 7th, when I bring up my desktop Quicken, instead of going through the normal quick patch of Quicken to get my subscription up to date, it makes me go through a laborious process as follows:

Log on to Quicken using my Quicken ID and password (FOUR times!)
Down load a file about 300 MB large to upgrade Quicken
Then I have to execute this file for a "new" or "upgrade" process
Then it does a normal Windows install/upgrade of an existing program
Log in to Quicken with the Quicken ID AGAIN.
Then do my normal Quicken log in.

1) It takes about a half an hour to get this all done!
2) I have a data cap on how much data I can use in a month and this is a significant drain on that cap. (I live in a rural area and must use Satellite to access the internet.)
3) Why do I have to keep putting in the same ID all the time!

Is anyone else having this issue?

I am at Quicken R25.18 Build

I also just checked the Quicken exe files and they are the SAME file version!

Any ideas what is going on?

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