Under all Transactions, some negative numbers are no longer red? (Q Mac)

Matt Newland
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In this case, specifically, the Banking numbers right under All Transactions, used to be 'red' when it was negative. Now, it is always black regardless of positive or negative.

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Quicken 2015-Current (2020) have all used the same coloring scheme:

    If using the "Amount" column, inflows are green, outflows are black. 

    If using separate inflows/outflows columns (i.g. Payment/Charge, etc.), both are black.

    The running balance in individual accounts is black if positive, red if negative. Since the All Accounts view (or any other account grouping) won't display a running balance, you won't see any red values there.

    Is this not what you are seeing?
  • Matt Newland
    Matt Newland Member ✭✭
    Exactly! Thanks! Also, I discovered today that when I paid off a credit card down to the zero balance - the zero balance now stay's red and it doesn't turn to black when zero like it used too!

    Glad it's a bug and not a new form of accounting!
  • John_M
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    edited March 2020
    Yes, this is quite strange. It didn't used to do this. It's interesting, since I have a credit card that I had paid off and then my wife returned the item, creating a credit balance. This transaction was entered before the most recent update, and the amount showing in the sidebar is black. When I created a fake transaction in another account just now, zero and positive values stay red! So it appears that this is only affecting transactions since the update.

    I will also report this as a bug.
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