How do I stop Quicken from Reconciling my accounts?

I used auto reconciliation just once and now I can't get the program to stop. It's feature I don't care.


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    With accounts that you've activated for transaction download and that you reconcile to an online balance, Quicken can save you steps.

    If your Quicken balance matches your online balance, Quicken can automatically reconcile your transactions. It does this by placing an R in the Clr column of the register after your downloaded transactions are accepted in the Compare to Register window.

    If the balances don't match, Quicken displays the Reconcile window to help you find the problem.

    1. Open the account you want to Auto Reconcile.
    2. Click GEAR BOX (the Account Actions icon), and then choose Reconcile.
    3. Make sure the Online Balance option is selected.
    4. Select the Auto reconcile downloaded transactions check box.
    5. Continue to reconcile. The Auto Reconcile feature takes effect after your next online session. At that time, Quicken automatically reconciles your downloaded transactions after you finish comparing them to your account register.


    At any time you choose, you may disable this feature and reconcile as you would with any other Quicken account. To do so, select the option to reconcile your account (steps 1-2). In the Reconcile Online Account window, clear the Auto Reconcile check box.

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    With the account's register open, do CTRL+R, then change to reconcile to paper.
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    [removed - violation of community guidelines/inaccurate]

    There are two features that go hand and in hand that are confused.
    In the Reconcile dialog they are:
    Always use Online Balance for this account. Don't ask again.
    Auto reconcile downloaded transactions.

    Well when you select the "Always use Online Balance..." option if you try selecting the reconcile it will skip that dialog and go straight the the reconcile, and as such people don't know how to turn it off. What's more since automatic reconciling is always to the online balance once you turn it on, you can't just turn it off by try to select Reconcile (or Ctrl+R) again.

    You have to go to Account Details -> Online Services tab and deselect
    Reconcile using online balance

    [removed - incorrect]

    This will get the Reconcile dialog with the above options to show up again when you select Reconcile or Ctrl+R. Then you can deselect the Auto reconcile from that dialog.
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    Thank you. That worked. I would never have thought to look where you explained. High Five.
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