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QuickFill and Auto-Categorization should be off by default

Both QuickFill and Auto-Categorization should be off by default and user-controllable.
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  • dental_flossdental_floss Member ✭✭
    Continuing from above, because the above got posted without me actually clicking 'post comment'...and now this interface will not allow me to edit/save the original post above...

    Both QuickFill and Auto-Categorization should be OFF by default and also user-controllable (with memory of last setting).

    If a user desires Quickfill, then they can enable it.
    If a user desires Auto-Categorization, then then can enable it.

    This should hold true for desktop version and any syncing to the cloud.

  • smayer97smayer97 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 10
    Just to make it clears, the ability to turn off auto-categorization already exists for downloaded transactions. Preferences > Connected Services and uncheck the option that states:
    'Automatically Improve the Quality of Downloaded Payee Names and Categories'

  • dental_flossdental_floss Member ✭✭
    Yes that option exists but does not always work. Some downloaded transactions still get auto categorized. This happened to me today.

    Re-wording that option to be more specific about what the user is really setting would be a good enhancement too. :)
  • unitic2unitic2 Member
    Doesn't work. I still have to click each and every entry to keep it from autofilling. Is there any way to fix this?
  • dental_flossdental_floss Member ✭✭
    Vote! And tell your friends to vote.
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