How can I combine Account History of 2 accounts - due to merger of credit union.

So my credit union recently merged with another credit union. Both have quicken downloads. BUT.... When I tried to set up my accounts in Quicken to link to the new credit union, it would only recognize one or 2 of them.

So then I set up new accounts in Quicken and most of these will automatically update. The problem is that I want to carry over all of my old history that I have in Quicken to the new Quicken accounts. How do I do that? Can I do that?

I have transfers between accounts (in my history) so I am also concerned about it royally messing up my accounts as I have had that experience in the past.

I regularly back up my quicken file so I "should" be able to restore if there is a problem, but that too, I have had issues with in the past.


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  • Tom Young
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    I must admit that I'm not following precisely what you're saying in your first two paragraphs.
    If the merger created what amounts to a "new" account at a "new" financial institution (FI) then it seems like one approach here is to establish a new Account in Quicken, linked to the new account and new FI.  If the initial download pulls lots of transactions from the "old" account - I guess this could and sometimes does happen - then you delete those transactions in the new Quicken Account and thereafter all downloads should pertain to what really are new, "going forward" transactions.
    You haven't lost any history, and the old transactions really did happen in an Account that's different than your new Account.  If you want to, in effect, combine the two accounts for some reason you run an appropriate report that pulls from the two Accounts.

    Maybe I'm missing something here?
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  • BaileysMom
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    Frankx I will try this next weekend. Had hoped to try this weekend but was not able to.
  • BaileysMom
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    Just wanted you to know, I followed Franx response and it worked! Thanks so much!
  • Frankx
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    Hi @BaileysMom,

    Glad to hear it worked.  Stay safe!


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