help needed setting up Quicken for Home and Business for mac

how do you set up the Quicken Home and Business to integrate with Paypal and work with invoicing and payments


  • RickO
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    There is no Home and Business version of Quicken for Mac. Are you running the Windows version in emulation on your Mac perhaps? If so, we'll need to have this post moved to a Windows category.
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  • MPArtist
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    No, I am not, I am running a Mac version and I paid MORE $$ to download (what shows on my receipt) as Home and Bussiness! The site and even my invoice says I am.

    Are you from Quicken? I would like a refund ...ggrrrrr

    Thanks for your help!
  • NotACPA
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    IF you bought the current Q product, you got BOTH the Mac and the Windows products.
    BUT H&B is a Win only product and won't install on your Mac except in an emulator.
    SO, have you installed the Mac product?  OR are you running an emulator on your Mac?
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  • jacobs
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    @MPArtist  So to connect the dots in the posts above, in case it's not clear:

    • On the Mac platform, there is no Home & Business version. That only exists for Windows.

    • When you purchase from Quicken nowadays, you're buying a subscription for a product version. The subscription allows you to download and use the Windows and/or Mac products. That is, you don't buy "Quicken Deluxe for Mac" or "Quicken Premier for Windows" anymore, you buy a subscription to "Quicken Deluxe" and can use the Mac and or Windows products at that level.

    • The page clearly shows there are only three levels: Starter, Deluxe and Premier, whereas the page shows the additional Home & Business level.

    • If you purchased Quicken Home & Business thinking you would download and use a Mac version of Quicken Home & Business, you can't because no such product exists. You can download and use Quicken Premier for Mac.

    • Now that you know all this, if you want a refund for the difference in price between Home & Business and Premier, you will have to contact Quicken Support, as no one on this forum has access to any customer transaction data. 

    • Alternatively, assuming you purchased within the past 30 days, you can simply follow the procedure to get a full refund for your purchase, and then purchase a new Quicken Premier subscription.
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