Memorized Payee Data Incorrect [edited]

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Quicken takes my Costco charges, even if only the $1.64 hot dog and splits it into two charges totally $118.79 in the red. Over and over it does this for at least a year. Is this program too smart for it's own good?

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  • splasher
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    Like markus1957 stated, you evidently have a memorized payee with a split that is being pulled in as a template.
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  • jhortoncom
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    I thought memorized payee was to associate a particular say odd restaurant name with the category, food and dining:restaurants. So I have this list open and should delete all entries that have some words in memo and an explicit amount. Where is a list just associating store name with category?
  • jhortoncom
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    thanks for the key phrase, "use these memorized payee list with $0 memorized". So mine is still storing, but the entries are unlocked, all these memo details as if every trip to Walmart or Home Depot, you bought the same stuff. So you frequently just delete these unlocked payee's or can you prevent Quicken from storing an odd memo? If I see a new payee, and then give it a category then yes I would want the program to then remember this and automatically use the category I entered instead of Quicken's best guess. That seems logical so I must be missing some switch. thanks again, NotACPA
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