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I just moved Quicken Delux 2013 to a new computer and dicovered that I have over 1000 backup files. I would like suggestions/help in pairing this down to a more reasonable number before upgrading to a newer version of the software. My account contains transactions back to 2006

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    1000 does appear to be excessive.  My backup strategy is a bit different.  I save five automatic and one frequent manual Quicken backup.  These backup files are backed up using Windows File History to an external drive hourly for 3 months.  The manual backup folder is also included in set of folders that are securely backed up to a cloud drive daily for 3 months, weekly for an additional 3 months, monthly for an additional 6 months, and annually for an additional 6 years.  The transactions in the datafile date back to 1989.
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    I keep all of them for the last three months, the last one of the month  back to two years ago and then the last one of the year for the rest of history.
    I also keep the one of the file that I used to make my tax reports and any one from before a new version of Quicken is installed.

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    Quicken Hugh said:
    Be forewarned: Once you delete a backup file, it's gone forever*. You will not be able to recover a deleted backup file.

    *Very strictly speaking, if you really wanted to get into "secret squirrel" stuff, it might be possible to recover a deleted file. But that would take a great deal of effort, time, and money, best suited to NSA-level tech specialists. For all practical purposes, a deleted backup file is gone forever.

    unless, of course - you remember...
    and just click "restore" on the filename located in your Recycle Bin -

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    I just moved Quicken Delux 2013 to a new computer and dicovered that I have over 1000 backup files.
    the bigger problem - is having ALL your backup files located in one single location.
    One way or another - you should have some backup files located on a different device - other than your normal hard disk....
    I have the usual Quicken /Backup/ folder for the Quicken auto-backups...
    I have a 2nd folder /Backup2X/ in my same Quicken-Files folder,
    which holds all my manually created backup files --> File --> Backup -->
    Then - I copy all of these Quicken folders off to external USB hard disks -
    alternating between two different disks.

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    @ps56k Uh, yeah, unless that.  ;) 
  • Thanks everyone. Many good ideas. And, I do backup the entire computer to an outside server frequently.
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