Scanning from Epson ES-500WR and exporting into Quicken doesn't pick up tags.

I've checked with Espon and they said to check with Quicken to get the GIF format needed to pick up tags for Quicken. Receipts can be exported from Epson and imported into Quicken but all activity shows up as un-tagged. Has anyone had success with Epson and Rental properties?


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    Importing from Epson ES-500WR - rental property tags not come available in Epson.
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    To my knowledge, Quicken is not able to “pick up” any information from a document, scanned or otherwise. There is no GIF format Quicken can read. Are you sure you are citing the right program?

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    Glen has a typo it is QIF not GIF format.

    It is the scanner that is doing the work to "pick up" (OCR) the scanned receipt/document and turn it into a QIF file. From their FAQ:

    I don't have such a scanner, but I can guess that it knows nothing about "tags".
    If you edit the QIF file with a text editor you find transactions like this one:
    LRents Received

    The line starting with L is the category. The tag optional and is added to this line separated by a /, like this:

    LRents Received/RentalHouse

    In Quicken 2017 and below the problem you are having would have a simple fix. All you would have to do is memorize the payee with the correct category and tag and when it was imported it would fill in this information.

    But in the subscription version of Quicken (starting in 2018) QIF imports go directly into the register without any processing. So it doesn't lookup the memorized payee and fill in the category/tag/memo, this information has to be in the QIF file for it to show up during an import.

    If the scanner has some way to map the payees to categories, then you could try making the category something like this:
    Rents Received/RentalHouse

    You didn't mention the category, and from their FAQ can't tell if they support filling it in the QIF. If not then your QIF files won't have the "L line" and you will have the same problem with the category, for the same reason.
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    @ALittleHelp:  Thanks for the info.  Very helpful.  So the issue is really Epson's ScanSmart package or their Invoice/Receipt Manager package. 

    I see their I/R Manager will import categories from Quicken.  The OP may need to investigate if that is part of their question and if so if they can 'edit' the imported categories to include the desired tag.    
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    Along a similar line, I am using Epson ES-60W scanner with the I/R Manager. I am using Subscription Quicken. My files are .QDF and the I/R Manager is looking for .QIF files to transfer the scans to. Any idea how I can get that to work? Any ideas appreciated. I just spent $100 to purchase the I/R Manager and it isn't doing me any good!
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    First off you should request to get your username changed, this is a public forum and you can get spammed by using your email address.
    (Just in a comment below state what username you would like with @Quicken_Tyka or another Quicken moderator referenced in it.)

    Next to your problem.  You have to understand what the process is.  Your QDF file hold all of your Quicken data, like accounts, transactions, budget, ...

    The I/R Manager is going to be scanning your document and creating a QIF file.  The QIF file has only those transactions in it.  So what you want to be doing is after that QIF file is create, import it into Quicken so that Quicken can enter those transactions into an account register.

    You do that by selecting:
    File -> File Import -> QIF File...
    This is my website:
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