Need to get Accounts back that have been deleted from my drop down list

Judy Wilken
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When I opened Quicken I noticed a comment that I had an uncategorized entry. I located it and discovered it was not just one entry but over 200! I don't know when this occurred, but a bank I use for payments (Bank of America) was deleted from the list. Instead of ["bank name"] it now shows []! Help! It does not allow me to edit. When I pay a bill from a credit acct, it lets me pick the bank, puts it into the correct bank account, but then lists the category as []. I found out there had been some issues with on line banking with Bank of America, but I do not do on line banking. Corrections I found are only for on line banking. Someone please help me get the two Bank of America accounts back into my drop down list!!!

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  • Judy Wilken
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    Went to the site you mentioned above and performed a validation of the account. The accounts came back! Yeah! But something I tried to do to correct it earlier, well, lets just say I have some individual corrections to make on nearly 200 entries! I should have gone to Quicken Community right away! Thank you for your help. My husband has updated my Quicken this evening, so I am up to date with Version 25.21
    Thank you again.


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