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When adding a transaction, am suggesting an option be available whereby one may enter amount of "price per share" versus being restricted only to entering Dividend amount and Number of shares. For some stocks, price/share is available BEFORE number of shares purchased is made available to us investors. In addition, estimations are also easier to enter for those of us who practice such calculations. Thanks!


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    There is an existing idea thread for this request, which you can find and vote on here:

    In the blue box under the first post, click the little triangle under the vote total and wait a second or two until you see your vote registered. (Know that in the transition from the previous Quicken Community forum to this one last year, the old vote totals did not transition, so they are represented as the "legacy votes" in the title.)

    That said, there are fellow Quicken users who say that Quicken Mac is doing it right, and should not allow entry of price per share. Why? Because allowing entry of price per share and dollar amount transacted will result in rounding errors on the number of shares. You can read comments about that here and here. By entering only total price and shares transacted -- both of which are absolute numbers -- the rounding is on the price per share, which is the same as your brokerage is doing. 

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