Reducing the Size of My Backup File (Q Win 2000)

I'm on Quicken 2000 running on Windows 98. I like it that way and do not plan to upgrade either the Quicken software or Windows version.

I am running out of space on my 3 1/2" Disc for my backup. The capacity of the disc is 1.4 MB.
Please don't laugh, I know...

As I've read other comments, people have removed older records and replaced them with a new Opening Balance record. I believe I did that maybe 10 years ago and it worked.

However, when I tried it recently, the QDF file remains large and I'm still running out of space.

I know that the space requirement is small, but I am running out of room to create a Backup on one disc and I would like to keep the Backup on one disc.

I can't figure out why the file size stays so large when I removed a lot of records.

Is there any way to reduce the QDF file size or do I just have to live with expanding my Backup to a 2nd disc?

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  • Rlelandsq
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    Thanks, I think your answer of starting a new file sounds like a plan.

    I was hoping to fix the current file, but this is also workable.

    I appreciate the help.
  • splasher
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    Is it possible to add a USB port to your computer and use a thumbdrive for your backups?

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  • q_lurker
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    Your backup with QW2000 should be a group of files, though the QDF file is certainly the largest.  

    You might explore to availability of a ZIP program for Win98 (pkzip if anyone remembers that?) to compress the files into one smaller file.  You would backup the file group onto your hard drive, Zip the group into one smaller package, then copy that zip file to the floppy.
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