Can you run quicken on both mac and windows so two people can look at the info at same time?

I currently run Quicken on my mac but would like to also run it on another computer in my office that is a windows driven. Can we both look at the same accounts at the same time with two different systems?

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  • GeoffG
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    No, the file is not the same nor compatible. Windows to Mac conversion is possible, but not for daily consumption.
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  • volvogirl
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    No for 2 reasons.  Windows and Mac are completely different and won't read the same data file.

    Then even if both computers were the same like Windows you can't share or view the same data file at the same time.  Maybe you need QuickBooks which can have multiple users.

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  • smayer97
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    As stated, QWin and QMac do not use the same database structure so are incompatible.

    You also need to understand that Quicken is not designed for multi-user usage, so, the options to "share" a data file are work-arounds.  Even sharing a data file between computers with the "same" user is seen by the OS as separate users. Since you did not specify the level of access you are wanting to achieve, here are a number of options:
    • first option is to move the data back and forth between users. In your case, you could move a copy of the data to a shared location, e.g. Drop Box, and each take turns updating the data. You would have to develop a sign-out process to make sure you do not both update a copy and overwrite each other's work. However, do not store and use the data file stored online directly. This often leads to a corrupted data file. Best practice is to compress the data file before moving it to a cloud based storage to prevent problems with file permissions. NOTE: since you are trying to share data cross-platform, the only option would be to settle on using QWin and install a VM (virtuall machine) to run QWin on the Mac.
    • If you have mobile devices (iOS or Android) and if all you want to sync is cash, bank, and credit card accounts (i.e. non-investment transactions), consider using Quicken Mobile on a mobile device. You can sync more than one mobile to the same data file located on one of your computers, as long as you use the same Intuit ID associated to the data file. Note that this is limited to sync 24 months plus new transactions.
    • Quicken Web can be used for mult-user access but it is a companion to Quicken desktop (not independent) similar to QMobile. It provides limited functionality for data entry, budgets, etc. but has slightly more functionality than QMobile, e.g. reconciliation
    • use remote access software (several free options, e.g. NoMachine and Teamviewer) to access Quicken on one computer from the other, or even mobile devices (see this great article for complete review of many options (most are free): ). Though this article was written primarily with Macs in mind, there are many solutions offered that work for Windows too. The advantage of these solutions is that you retain access to all the features of Quicken, unlike Quicken Mobile. The trade-off is that the host computer cannot really be used for anything else while using Quicken with these remote solutions.
    In all cases, these would require you to settle on only ONE of the two platforms and sync your device(s) to or access that one platform.

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