Can I delete my investment accounts and create them from scratch?

I have investment accounts defined in Quicken. They are all messed up. I would like to just delete them and redefine them in quicken and download from my investment firm. Can I do this?

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    NOTE, that downloads that are initiated from within Q typically only go back 30-90 days.
    Is ALL of your investing activity within that timeframe?  Otherwise you might have a LOT of typing to do.
    You might also see if by any chance your investment providers allow downloads to be initiated from their website ... because that option frequently provides for a longer timeframe.  Some allow this, other's don't.
    My brokerage, Fidelity Investments, only allows website initiated downloads in CSV (I.E., Excel) format, which CAN, eventually be imported into Q ... but it takes a fair amount of work to get from CSV to something that Q can use.

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