Income & expense by category report issue

Al D
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I tried to create a report of income & expense by category and the totals are not accurate. It seems that the program is not picking up entries with split amounts


  • Sherlock
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  • NotACPA
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    Have you verified that you've selected ALL Payees, All amounts, ALL categories, etc for inclusion in the report?

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  • Al D
    Al D Member ✭✭
    Yes to all
  • UKR
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    After following @Sherlock 's suggestion to ensure that your Quicken data file is in good working order and if the issue persists, please put together some evidence and show us some screen image snapshots of where you are seeing these discrepancies. In a report by Category, e.g. Itemized Categories, showing transaction detail, all Split transactions are automatically included in the correct category. A Split transaction is marked by an "S" in the report's Num (Check Number) column.
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