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When is the counter of monthly transactions is reset to zero

I understand that as a Quicken Premier member I have twelve quick pay transactions and twelve check pay transactions per month, when is that counter reset to zero.

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  • RicardoFRicardoF Member
    Quicken Tyka
    Thank you so much for your prompt response. I have another question.
    When I received the notification from Quicken that Quicken Bill Pay will not be available after May 31st, 2020, I promptly proceed to start using Quicken Bill Manager, unfortunately now I realize it was a mistake, Quicken Bill Mgr is not ready, created duplicate payments (seven of them in my case), doesn't allow me to make future payments and other issues that I already reported to Technical support and it is making my life very difficult to make payments, can I go back to Quicken Bill Pay now and wait till August 31st to go back to Quicken Bill Mgr, hoping that this issues will be resolved by then?
    Please confirm if I can go back to Quicken Bill Pay.
    Thank you
    Ricardo F
  • RicardoFRicardoF Member
    Quicken Tyka:
    Once more, thank you so much for your prompt response. this is a great relief and no, I didn't cancel my service with Quicken Bill Pay, so I will do as you suggested and get back to their payment system, I urge to everybody in Quicken to work in resolving the future payment issue so we can continue using it in the future, especially after August 31, 2020.
    Thank you
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