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I have always been thankful that Quicken expires on April 30th - until now. I was thankful because April 30 was 2 weeks after the normal USA tax filing deadline. That meant I didn't have to step into the unknown while my taxes were still unfinished. Given the current Covid-19 situation it is almost impossible to get a hold of people who can answer data questions from investment companies, property management companies etc. Would Quicken consider following the Government's lead and move the Quicken 2017 expiration day by 3 month to June 30?


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    We've been told it is being considered but, if you want to be able to continue to download and import transactions after April 30th, I suggest you upgrade.  The good news is the data file format remains compatible across the upgrade.  This means, if we have issues using Quicken 2020, we may still use Quicken 2017 on the same data file.  
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    Quicken 2017 does not die on 4/30/2020, you just can't use any of the online banking features.  By now you should have all of the information downloaded already and not need to download anything. 
    I would think that any information you are waiting for from these hard to contact information sources would be bits and pieces that would be changed manually anyway.
    You know, I think the information I get from Time magazine is extremely important during this period of medical crisis, but I don't see them extending my subscription due to Covid-19.
    You might have a valid argument if you were using subscription Quicken Starter Edition which goes into READ-ONLY mode when its subscription expires, but your copy of Quicken remains functional, though manual mode.

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    I happen to use TurboTax for my tax filing - BUT don't use Quicken to feed it.
    Even if I did - I had ALL my statements and tax forms from ALL my financial firms such as - Chase, PNC, Ally, Schwab, Fidelity, TRowe, and Vanguard.
    I filed on Feb 25 - done -
    So, not sure why the "extension" is needed - as all the data is available, the only concern might be those folks needing to owe taxes, or not being in a good place with respect to ongoing income or cash on hand - and even the $$ spent on Quicken would mean that buying something else might be impacted -

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