Step by step instructions for transition from Quicken Bill Pay to Quick Pay and Check Pay.

I'm a long term user of Quicken Bill Pay, first in the Windows world, but over the past 18 months on Quicken Mac. I'm finding it confusing to transition as needed to QuickPay and CheckPay, as well as finding Bill Manager.

Would you point me toward a step by step guide to transitioning please? The more detailed the explanations, the better.

And, why?? This is a pain.


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    Good afternoon Continental,
    I'm sorry that the change-over from the old bill payment system to the new is confusing. Let's see if we can help you: For a step by step guild to transitioning from Quicken Bill Pay to Quicken Bill Manager, please see this link (which covers both WIN and MAC). If need be, you are always welcome to contact support directly for additional help.

    Your second (implied) question, "Why is Quicken, Inc. changing from the old Quicken Bill Pay to the new Quicken Bill Manager?", is an excellent query. The answer is simple. The back-end vendor who provides bill payment ACH services, Metavante Payment Services, LLC (for the function known as Quicken Bill Pay), has decided they would like to take their business in a different direction. Quicken Inc. simply has to change bill payment systems.

    Yes, the new Quicken Bill Manager is different in look and feel: it is not an exact equivalent to the old ACH-based Bill Pay system. The underlying technology of the Quicken Bill Manager is different, and the wider bill pay ecosystem has changed. The Quicken Bill Manager has incorporated new functionality that is not available in the old ACH-based system.
    For example, an ACH-based payment systems can take days to provide confirmation that a payment has been processed.
    The Online Biller portion of Quicken Bill Manager typically takes minutes to provide in-product confirmation that the payee received, accepted, processed and confirmed payment. 

    We acknowledge that in the short term, there may be some confusion in the change-over phase from the old to the new bill pay systems. Sorry, moving to the new Quicken Bill Manager will require active input by you, the user.
    We are updating the online self-help to better answer your questions, you are welcome to contact support if you need additional help, and we are actively working to improve the Quicken Bill Manager system as a whole.

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    OK, thanks for that and I will give it a try. :)
  • Dave Mayer
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    I've read (and reread) the "step by step guide" at the link provided above to try and transition from Quicken Bill Pay to Quicken Bill Manager. I think I understand setting up the online billers for Quick Pay and manual check payments using Check Pay. What's seems to be missing in the guide is what to do with all the Payee's that are currently setup and active in the legacy Quicken Bill Pay system.

    I'm still receiving bill's from Quicken Bill Pay and automatic payments are still being made using Quicken Bill Pay. It seems like there must be another step that isn't spelled out in the "step by step" guide. Don't we have to go in and manually delete the payee's in the Quicken Bill Pay service? If they aren't deleted they seem to stay active especially if e-bill's have been setup.

    I also note that the link to Quicken Bill Pay is no longer provided in the current version of Quicken. It used to be located in the Tools drop down menu. Please provide instructions on how to access the online version of Quicken Bill Pay so we can manage our payees as needed.

    This whole transition has been murky to me and has required excessive time on my part for making the transition. Please provide additional clarification.
  • sktf
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    I agree with this. I have done everything including verifying my accounts. However, I won't call Bill Pay to shut it down until I know how I'm going to get my payees from Bill Pay to Quicken Bill Manager. The instructions actually seemed very complete to me - except for that step. It's not really covered.

    So, how do I move all of my payees to Quicken Bill Manager?
  • Continental540
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    I could not find a way to do it, and having set up some of my QBP payees as QuickPay, the process is entirely different. Rather than an address and account number, Quicken is actually logging in to our payee accounts (it appears) and trading information with the payee -- yeah, I know the process is more constrained than that, but . . .

    It would be nice if one could "convert" a QBP to a QP payee, or hide, or delete that QBP payee. Frankly, I have so many payees from so many years of using the product that it is confusing.
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    Hello @Dave Mayer,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and the information you provided.

    I believe you're experiencing the issue you have due to Quicken Bill Pay still being connected to your accounts within Quicken. Please follow the steps below in order to stop and deactivate Quicken Bill Pay (steps can also be found here as well as any further/additional information)--
    1. Open your Quicken software.
    2. Go into the register of the account you wish to deactivate.
    3. Click on the Overview tab at the top of your register.
    4. Once you are in Overview, click the Change Online Services button.
    5. In the Online Payment area of this window it will indicate that Quicken Bill Pay is Activated. Choose the option to Deactivate the online payment.
    6. Follow any prompts to continue with the deactivation. Please read the messages carefully as you may be required to make changes to your register to deactivate.
    Alternatively, you can also reach out to Quicken Support via phone or chat to have one of our support agents walk you through these steps as well as any additional troubleshooting if necessary.

    Hope this helps!

    -Quicken Anja

    Quicken Support Current Hours of Operation:
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm PDT
    • Quicken Phone Support - Monday through Friday
    • Quicken Chat Support - 7 days a week
    -Quicken Anja
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