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What is the maximum data file size in MB for quicken Starter

I've been using Quicken since 2008, I attach PDF account statements and bills and invoices that I deem important. I'm now at 399,500KB or almost 400MB and wondering if the software itself has a maximum data file size. I have plenty of space on my 250GB SSD drive.

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  • philvesciophilvescio Member
    Thanks Chris, Sherlock did say that the Data file size was only limited by the size of my hard disk and I missed it. But your your detailed answer is very interesting and informative informative. I don't trust online storage either and do keep backups of my QDF file. I didn't know that the QDF was a ZIP'd file and will certainly get a copy of 7-ZIP.
    Thanks again, Phil
  • philvesciophilvescio Member
    Good to know, Thanks again
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