Starter Vs 2017 Deluxe

Can the Starter version replace the 2017 Deluxe


  • NotACPA
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    Only if you have ONLY checking, savings, cards and cash type accounts in Deluxe.
    If you have ANY other asset, loan or investment type accounts, they'll come into Starter ... but they'll be frozen.  No input to those accounts either manual input or downloaded input.
    Also, if your Starter version every expires (i.e., if you EVER fail to renew it) the entire Q data file will become Read Only. You'll be able to produce reports ... but that's it.
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  • bmciance
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    it can but be aware that it does not have anything other than banking accounts (checking savings and credit cards).  Any asset or liability accounts (including investments) in your data file will come over “frozen”. Also note that if in the future you decide to not renew the entire file will be frozen.  If you continue with deluxe subscription but subsequently choose not to renew you can at least continue to use your file manually  
  • thecreator
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  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yes, but you will lose access to the additional functionality provided by the Deluxe edition and, if you allow the subscription to lapse, the data file will become read-only.  I suggest remaining with Deluxe.
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