Why are you demanding an upgrade from us during COVID-19?

Your announcement which is online and in the software states that after 4/3/20 we will not longer be able to download transactions, use web connect, etc. (I am NOT talking about Billpay.) Every time I open the software, I receive a notice from you telling me to upgrade. I feel that Quicken's discontinuance of the downloading transactions after 4/30/20 is criminal during a period when many of us are completely out of work. Wouldn't it be more humane of Quicken to push this date back to the fall or winter, after we have had a chance to recover financially? Every dollar is a big deal right now when many of us can't afford food. If I missed an announcement about the deadline for upgrading the software being moved, my sincere apologies.


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    @pjbass - You posted in a community site which is mostly comprised of Quicken users, like you.  While some Quicken employees do monitor and intervene sometimes, your best bet to address your question/concern is to contact Quicken Support directly by logging into your Quicken.com account and calling the number listed there.

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    AND, the "sunset" of Q2017 was scheduled and ANNOUNCED a LONG TIME before Covid19 became an issue.
    You should have been receiving upgrade notices for several months now.

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