Transactions in Report do not match the popup in Planning window

I've got two separate but I think related problems with Reports and Planning tab. The transactions in Report don't match the popup in planning window but the actual total does.

Background: I got a gift card for switching phone carriers. When I switched I paid early cancellation fee so I was overbudget then and planned to use gift card to be under budget now. When I went to grocery store I entered for example $10 in groceries and then -$10 in cellphone category for and end balance of zero. I had 10 such transactions, 8 of which worked fine but 2 that were like additional charges. The report had all 10 transactions but the Planning tab only had the payment for the month plus 2 more of the 10, incidentally the same 2 that were different but the actual total was the same as the report.

I've tried deleting and reentering the register entries with no luck. I even tried to validate and repair the file but the tool says nothing is wrong with the file.

I'm at wits end so somebody please help!

Hope I've explained it well enough.

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  • Getting a lot of views but no comments. Is Quicken support represented here? I tried chatting with them but had no luck with the tech I got linked to.
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    I can understand that you may be getting a lot of nibbles, but no bites. There isn't enough detailed information for anyone to really say what's going on.
    Can you please capture one or more images of the parts of your Quicken window showing the issue(*), sensitive information blacked out as necessary to protect your privacy but annotated to describe the situation, and attach the image(s) here?

    (*) What I'm interested in seeing is a register view or a report view showing the splits that you entered, for both the transactions that worked and the ones that didn't.
  • Here is a screenshot. The 'Net Total' in the Report matches the 'Actual' in the Planning tab but all the transactions are in the report but not in planning.
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    Thanks for the image.
    I'm puzzled ... is it possible that the account "Cash on ..." is not included in the budget? Click Budget Actions / Select accounts.
  • Nice thought but 'Cash on Hand' is actually included in the budget. So the puzzlement continues.
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