Tax Reports Should Contain current 1040 tax schedules, such as 1, 2 and 3

Quicken still does not have tax schedule report for 1040 schedules 1, 2 and 3. Since Quicken does not accommodate Foreign Tax Paid users can fix Quicken's shortcomings by adding a Foreign Tax Paid category, but we are still unable to enter the correct tax reporting category since the tax schedule list provided is so old. Quicken should add line items from 1040 schedules 1, 2 and 3. And Quicken should also allow users to add their own tax reporting schedule line items for tax categories not listed since Quicken has not kept them updated.
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  • Tom Crehan
    Tom Crehan Member
    I'm having the same frustration. Quicken has Form 8829 as a Tax-Related Category and includes *most* of the Tax Line items... but not Line 19 "Rent."

    It's a real head-scratcher as Form 8829 is specifically for "Business Use of Your Home."

    Insurance, Repairs & Maintenance, Utilities all have their own Lines. But the only option for Rent is to stick it in Other Expenses. Far from ideal.

    Rent has been on the IRS form for years... why hasn't Quicken added it? Or why can't they allow us to edit these Tax-Line Item categories ourselves?

    I get that keeping up with the tax code and all the form changes is a big task. Line 19 was Line 18 a few years ago. I don't expect Quicken to necessarily be on top of that, but "RENT" as a general category, SHOULD BE THERE.

    In my case, I don't need it to sync up or export to TurboTax either... I just need to accurately print a Tax Schedule report to send to my accountant and the basic line items that are on those IRS forms YEAR AFTER YEAR should really be in the Quicken category list or we should be able to add them ourselves.
  • Dmorgs
    Dmorgs Member
    So frustrating year after year, when foreign taxes paid can't get categorized or even listed in the tax planning area. Why can't a manual entry for a new tax line for credits be done? Actually I don't see any tax lines available for credits listed.
  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 12
    Note: in making these changes, I think it is much more important to match the current layout of the tax forms than those of previous years, and it is not necessary for Quicken to have different layouts depending on which year is shown in the report.
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