Does Quicken autosave all crashed files? I have Quicken Essential for Mac 2007

A file just crashed. I can't find the file using Finder. It has all sorts of other files. Not the one I need! Help! Tax time!


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    Does QMac autosave during a crash?  No.
    Do you have backups of your QMac data file?
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    Let's backup a second…

    Do you have Quicken 2007 or Quicken Essentials? They're two different programs, and they have different behaviors.

    Quicken files save every action as you go along. So while it's not an auto-save like Microsoft Word or Gmail, it is essentially auto-saving as you work. Quicken Mac data files typically aren't corrupted during a crash, unless the crash happens at just the instant some critical change in the database is in the process of being made.

    Some versions of Quicken do offer the option of auto-backup when you quit the program, which at least insures you have a copy from the last time you used Quicken before the crash. And if you use Time Machine or some other backup service (hopefully!), then you have another possible source of backups.

    Once you answer what version of Quicken you're using, we can offer more suggestions for finding your file, and also hunting for auto-backups.

    Also include in your reply: what happens when you try to launch Quicken currently? 
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