Quicken offers the wrong bank signing for my mortgage

My mortgage is with United Wholesale Mortgage. UWM has more than one servicing agent, and Quicken has the wrong servicing agent for my loan. So I can't sign in to the email address they offer.

Quicken only offers UWM’s agent at https://myuwmloan.com. However, the address I have to sign in to is https://uwm.loanadministration.com. The former doesn't recognize my loan; the latter does. Any workaround?

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  • rllewis
    rllewis Member ✭✭
    Now I notice that I AM able to add them in eBill. Just not as a Mortgage.
  • magditsl
    magditsl Member
    Having the exact same issue as @rllewis

    Any suggestions on how to best direct the UHM to resolve this?
  • bfarley64
    bfarley64 Member
    Any updates on this? I'm having the same problem. I talked to people at both Quicken and at UWM and they both claim it's the other parties issue. Both websites/URLs are correct as UWM services loans both through uwm.loanadministration.com and myuwmloan.com. It seems like there needs to be 2 entries in the bank information for UWM inside Quicken so that both sites are an option for Quicken users. Very frustrating that this isn't working...
  • NotACPA
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    If Q needs to add another option for UWM, then UWM needs to inform Q of that.  ONLY UWM can make this request and not customers of either/both products.

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