I am an Expat Quicken user looking to import from banks other than the US

I was a Quicken user since almost the beginning (I have files dating to the 90s) and have been an Expat living in Australia for the past 10 years. I still have accounts in the US and Canada (where I am originally from). I abandoned Quicken some years ago because I could not manage all of my accounts in one software package. At least not without significant manual entry. My question is . . . has Intuit / Quicken managed to solve this issue for the small number of us in the Expat community? I do know there is a Quicken US package and a Quicken Canada package. The Australian version disappeared some time ago.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    The answer is no the "problem" hasn't been solved.  There is no version that can download from non US/Canadian bank accounts.  They have enough problems just trying to maintain those let alone other countries.

    As for Australia.  Lot years ago Intuit licensed the code to other companies to allow them to put out Quicken in different countries.  All of those contracts were canceled many years ago (like in 2004), but the Australian company (Reckon) evidently retained the rights to use what they had (but not get any more updates from Intuit) and from what I know they still support it, but they don't call it Quicken any more.

    I don't know now much support they have for downloading countries other than Australia.

    Note some people use the US version and then import using QIF files.
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    Thanks for coming back so quickly.

    I would happily manage the manual import process if that were an option. The last time I tried to import QIF files was a while ago and it required an edit to the file if it wasn't a recognized financial institution. Even then, I was not always successful. I gave up trying. Maybe I am remembering things differently. It has been more than a couple of years.

    I have looked at Reckon before. It will work fine with Australian banks but will not let you import foreign bank transactions via an import file.

    So I think I am left with two options: a) maintain a version of Quicken US, Quicken CA and Pocket or b) go with Pocket Book (which is free) and just check the balances online once in a while with my accounts in the US and Canada. Option b is my preferred not only because of the time involved but the cost as well.

    I will check back with Quicken in a couple of years, hoping for the best.
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    Disappointing but again, thanks.
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